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We Buy Your Junk - Cars, That Is

So that large metal thing that's displayed in your yard like it's some kind of not-so-artistic statue is actually your old car? It's probably safe to say that at this point in time, your vehicle can be considered junk. But determining if an automobile should be classified as a clunker isn't always so straight forward. Regardless, you might be hanging on to it because you're worried that no one in their right mind would give you anything for it. If that's your line of thought, you'd be wrong. At Cash For Cars located in South Park, CA, we'll buy your vehicle, even if it's not much more than a heap of metal that very much resembles the car that it used to be.

How do I know my car is junk?

Let's face it. If your automobile barely chugs along down the road, you have to put fluids in it every day because of the leak, or you need to go through a list of items that resembles the prep list to fly the space shuttle just to start your car, then your vehicle is most likely junk. When you don't get to spend much time on the road because your vehicle is consistently ``under construction``, it's probably a clunker. Your car just might be a beater if it's sitting there waiting for you to get up enough money to finally get it fixed.

Who would want to buy it if it's such a pile of junk?

To put it bluntly, we would. That's right. We pay cash for junk cars, Well, any vehicle actually, but seeing as we've been talking junk cars, we'll stick to that line of thought. At Cash For Cars, we make it simple to sell any old automobile you might have laying around that could be taking up space and dribbling its toxic fluids all over the environment. We'll take it off your hands and put some green bills in its place.

Taking it To the Streets

At Cash For Cars, it's what we do. We buy cars and we give you the cash. Call us at (619) 536-0022 to find out just how much money you can get for your vehicle.